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The Flaming Galahs

Divine Temptation


Silence of the Labia



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The Uncertainty Principle


A comedy-edutainment experience focused on stories connected to STEM. We’ll cover fascinating concepts, interesting elements of science history, and explore aspects of politics and culture through the lens of science. Don’t worry, we won’t get bogged down in technical jargon, it’s suitable for the general public; there might even be a few swears!

Your two hosts and guides on this journey of discovery are the good Doctors Ben McAllister and Taryn Laubenstein, both up and coming science communicators.

Ben’s a passionate physicist working on dark matter detection. He also makes podcasts with Curio Network.

Taryn’s a marine biologist who studies how climate change affects fish. Originally from the USA, she’s enjoying her time in Australia, but is still mad that she can’t nail the accent!

Presented by:
Curio Network

Curio is a podcast network dedicated to bringing you rare, unusual, and intriguing content. Founded by Ben McAllister and Jackson Used in 2017, Curio is passionate about collaborating with exciting individuals to create something truly worth listening to.

Curio produces podcasts covering a wide range of topics, from personal stories, to popular culture, to fantasy storytelling, to the world of science.

We’ve got another show at FRINGE WORLD this year, a self-contained live version of our popular fantasy/comedy Dungeons & Dragons podcast – How To Win Loot And Influence Dragons.

So, if you’re up for something much less informative but just as entertaining, go check it out


Via Lactaea

Boobs. Society has got a lot to say about them. Fergie’s got us craving MILF money – but keep those mammary glands away if you’re actually using them for the survival of our species.

Ladies, you’ve got to be thin and curvy, sexy and innocent. Milk is for the youth, but there’s nothing sexier than tits on legs.

Presented by:
Giorgia Schijf

A group of freshly graduated dancers from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) ready to make their debut.

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Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

My Friend The Lich

Background Lad

Cash Converted


Johnny Cash loved recording versions of other peoples songs… Dylan, Nine Inch Nails, Tom Petty, the list goes on. Monty Cotton (A Boy Named Cash) and Dario Jiritano (upright bass and keyboard) will attempt to interpret popular and also terrible songs in the distinctive style of Johnny Cash. Here’s the catch, the audience chooses the songs.

A few years ago Monty decided it was time for a sea change. Leaving a corporate accountant job in Sydney, Monty set sail to pursue the life of a musician in Western Australia. A few years later Monty now travels the globe performing his Johnny Cash Show ‘A Boy Named Cash’. A popular segment in the show ‘Cash Converted’ now has it’s own half hour show this Fringe!

Full Bar and A La Carte Menu Available

Murder? She asked?


Friday is on the case. Breaking a story like this – it could be everything. More followers. A daytime TV appearance. Maybe even a book deal with an online-only publishing house. After all, good murders don’t come around every day… 

Co-created by Grace Chapple and Daniel Moxham, Murder? She Asked. offers a satirical look at our current obsession with true crime. After a sold-out show at FRINGE WORLD 2018, the team behind Not All A Dream are returning with a fresh new show. With neo-noir flavours, a twisty turny plot, and more insensitive jokes than you can poke a stick at, this murder mystery is definitely, definitely, very serious.

If you love murder but feel weird saying it, this is the show for you.

Presented by:
Brushstroke Productions

Brushstroke is a performance arts company dedicated to creating exciting work that will bring opportunities to creatives and joy to audiences.

Brushstroke made its debut at FRINGE WORLD 2018 with a sold-out season of the excellently reviewed Not All A Dream. They are excited to be back again this year.

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