Platter Menu

Aussi Platter [36 pieces]

Cocktail pies, sausage rolls & pasties [veg] served with tomato and bbq sauce


Pizza Platter [32 pieces]

Vegetarian [veg] or Meat Lovers


Hen House Platter [50 pieces]

Oriental chicken bites, tandoori chicken skewers & devil chicken wings served with dipping sauces


Vegetarian Platter [75 pieces]

Vegetable money bags, spinach & feta triangles, samosas & spring rolls served with dipping sauces


Sushi Platter [20 pieces]

Assorted or Vegetarian options available


Asian Platter [120 pieces]

Cocktail spring rolls [veg], curry puffs [veg] & dim sim served with sweet chilli and sweet soy sauce


Seafood Platter [60 pieces]

Tempura prawns, crumbed whiting goujons & crumbed calamari rings served with tartare sauce


Paddock Platter [50 pieces]

Beef bites, King Island pies & beef kofta served with dipping sauces


Vegetarian Crudites & Dip Platter [Veg] [GF] [approx 120 pieces]

Fresh fingers of carrot, cucumber, red & green capsicum & celery served with a salsa dipping sauce


We recommend one platter per 8 guests

Dip Plates

Melba Toast with Assorted toppings [25 pieces]


Dip of the Day with Turkish Bread Fingers [25 pieces]


We recommend one platter per 4-6 guests

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