• Murder Mystery 7th June
    June 7, 2019
    6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

A night at the Oscars

The Story so far…

It is 1937, the crowds have gathered to see their favourite Stars arriving for this years National Academy Awards.

The scene is set for the arrival of the two main Film Companies who will be hoping to scoop the top awards.  Marjorie (Gae)Millington (MGM to her friends), the Producer and Owner of Centurion Films will be arriving with her entourage, the woman has become a giant in the film industry in the past two years with one blockbuster success after another.  Centurion’s offering this year will be the hotly tipped ‘Love Me Baby’ which has been directed yet again by Mr Barton Hayes, who is very much the ‘man of the moment’ in directing terms.

He is seen as Millington’s’ right hand man.  The film features the rising star – James Stonnington – Smythe, whose uncanny natural air on camera has left some people wondering if he really is the nice guy he seems when you meet him, or is he calculating and cold?

April Lovage, the ‘precocious child who just got worse with age’ stars opposite James but really dislikes attending such common events.

As for the rival Company, well there is Dream Pictures’ very own Max Reedmand who is very well liked throughout the Industry, He will be in attendance looking very closely at the plot of ‘Love Me Baby’ which appears to have a storyline strikingly like a script that was stolen from his Company earlier this year…

The evening looks set to be another showdown between these two Companies, with all the individual characters playing their roles in the battlefield.

The arguments will certainly get bitter, and you will be amazed at the hatred that there appears to be between the two of them.

It may of course just be showbusiness rivalry…it couldn’t be anything else, something perhaps more sinister…Or could it?


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